Some of the technologies I work with.


A lot of projects I work with require experience in developing any number of commerce shopping cart solutions for use with many payment systems. I can suggest based on your requirements to help make this experience easier for you.  

Responsive design

Mobile development is part of any project I work on. I like to use modern CSS  frameworks for multiple devices.  I am experienced in many other front end technologies.

Content management development

I have many years experience in developing in Drupal and WordPress. Building enterprise sites from across te world in Linux Stack environments.  I can design environments and technologies for you.


New security issues for wordpress. If you are running it better update. 


A bit about what I do.

I am a Drupal and WordPpess PHP and front end developer with many years developing enterprise level projects in Agile / Scrum / Bhat / BDD development teams. I a,m experienced front developer working in frameworks like Bootstrap, LESS, SASS and jQuery. I work around the midlands and London, if you are interested in hiring me for a project you can use the form below.